~~ Meditation ~~
There are many different reasons to meditate. You may meditate to relax, to communicte, or to gain a different plane/level of concsiousness, and also to meet and contact your spirit guide.
Whatever the reason for you meditation, there are things you must always remember.
*Remember that nothing within the spirit realm can harm you as long as you maintain control and authority over your life.
* Use your relationship with the spirit realm only to supplement and not to substitute for your real life.
*You control all aspects of work with your guides.
*Test The Spirits. True guides will expect to be tested and will be patient. In any relationship trust is built slowly.
*There are different guides along the way:
Protectors- often take the shape of large beings, strong in manner and character. Call on these when greater strength and energy is needed.
Message bearers- Serve in amplifying intuitive perceptions. Assist in finding information.
Door/ Gate Keepers- work to keep negative entities away while you open the doors and gates to the inner realms. They allow only appropriate spirits to us you durring trance sessions.
There are always going to be new experiences when you meditate, but don't be frightened. As with everything it will get easier as you do it more often. Just don't loose yourself.