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Circles and Casting
Most ritual workings are done is a special space markde off as a Sacred Circle that is cast in a special way.  There are many types of circles and different ways to cast them.  The Sacred Circle is a place that "feels" right for each and every person.  It is always best to cleanse the area before performing any magick in this area.  I recomend using sage to smudge the area while asking your choosen deity to enter the area and keep it free from evil and negative energy. 
The most typical way to set up the circle is to place your altar on the east side of the circle.  If you aren't sure which way is east, you can use a common compass to find it.
Note that it is best to know what you are going to do before casting a circle.  This will make things go a lot smoother when you get the circle cast. 
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