Symbolic Qualities of Flowers

Baby's Breath: — modesty, sweet beauty
Basil: — integration, discipline and dragon force
Begonia: — balance, psychism
Buttercup: — self-worth, the power of words

Cactus: — manifestation of riches and beauty
Carnation: — deep love, healing, love of self
Clover: — luck, love and fidelity, kindness

Daffodil: — power of inner beauty, clarity of thought
Dahlia: — higher development, self-worth, and dignity
Daisy: — increasing awareness, creativity, inner strength

Gardenia: — purity of action and purpose, emotional help
Geranium: — happiness, healing, and renewed joy
Gladiola: — receptivity to divine will

Hibiscus: — femininity, sexuality and warmth, new creation
Hyacinth: — Overcoming of grief, gentleness, inner beauty

Iris: — higher inspiration, psychic purity

Lavender: — magic, love, protection, healing and vision
Lily: — birth, godly mind, and humility

Marigold: — fidelity, longevity, loving sacrifice
Morning Glory: — Breaking down the old, spontaneity

Rose: — love, strength through silence, passion
Rosemary: — power, clarity of thought, sensitivity

Snapdragon: — will force, creative expression, clairaudience
Sunflower: — opportunities, self-actualization, happiness

Violet: — modesty, fulfillment, psychic sensitivity