PRC/UPCC Mission Statement

In 1994, the late Jeanne Re Montandon (Lady Sappho) and Edward Sott (Lord Mishael) founded the PRC/UPCC with the expectation of pulling together like minded Pagan and New Age religious practitioners for support, education, and collaboration. As there are few Pagan charitable organizations, the Pagan Rights Coalition and the United Pagan Charities Cooperative exists as a 501(c)3 to provide a safe place for community and charitable organizations to seek and offer assistance. Our singular goal is to promote tolerance of each other, regardless of our individual religious beliefs. Though we may worship the creator in many different ways, we are all still one people.

The four pillars of our organization are:
Working for religious tolerance
Ensuring the rights of "alternative" religions are not only protected but celebrated
Collaborate with pagan community
Provide a central location for pagan charities

Over the years, the PRC/UPCC have assisted with many cases where the rights of Pagan and New Age practitioners have been dismissed, and have ensured that those rights are instead upheld and cherished.

Explore the many resources available on our educational page: The Witchtannica Compendium. Here you will find extensive correspondences, indexes, and informational links for many different spiritual paths.

While our work is quiet, our network, membership, and leadership has expanded. Please feel free to share our organization with like-minded friends and family. We work with covens and solitary practitioners across the country, with regional directors on both the east and west coasts.

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