Purple Silver Ribbon Campaign
     The Purple Silver Ribbon campaign is a campaign to promote religious tolerance. Too often, we as a society fight with each other over differences in our belief systems. It's unfortunate that we all can't see that though we worship the creator in many different ways, that we are all still one people, and that is humanity. So the PRC/UPCC has gathered together with one goal and that's to promote tolerance of each other regardless of our individual religious beliefs.
     The Purple silver ribbon is a symbol of our commitment to serve the general public, as well as the desire for religious tolerance. We wish only to show that regardless of your religion, or your beleifs, that we here at the PRC/UPCC do not see you by your color, race, sex, origin, or religion, but as equal human beings. We all wear this ribbon with pride knowing that we will, to the utmost of our ability, maintain this standard.
     If you hold true to this belief as do we, we ask that you too wear this ribbon as a reminder that we are one people, and that's humanity. If you wish to order a ribbon from us you can contact us at the following address. The costs and proceeds from this campaign will go into the creation of the United Pagan Charities Co-Operative, and the cost is tax deductable. The ribbons are only $1.00 shipping and handling included. So let's show our unity, and buy a ribbon, and wear it with pride
c/o Edward Sott
ATTN: Purple Silver Ribbon campaign
29 Cleveland St. Apt. 1
Pittston, Pa 18640
or you can contact me via email at:
Lord Mishael