Found in India, China, and Brazil, aventurine is a lovely pale or dark green quartz crystal with flakes of mica and sometimes hemetite embedded in it. This gives it a metallic iridescence or spangled appearance. These shiny flecks enhance energy flow throughout the body. Aventurine is also known as Indian Jade, and can occur as a red or blue stone as well.

The ancient people of Tibet used this stone to decorate their statues to symbolically increase their visionary powers. Aventurine is said to bring luck in love and games while making its possessor independent and original. Its reputed affects on the skin, healing skin diseases and improving complexion, may have something to do with its ability to attract new love. It has also been used to cure nearsightedness which may improve your game skills. Aventurine further stimulates creativity, intellect and independence, enhancing leadership qualities to allow the wearer to act decisively and intuitively. It is also said to influences the pituitary gland and the muscular and nervous systems, and aligns with the heart chakra.

This stone effects the etheric, emotional, and mental body, healing the heart by releasing emotional stress, thus allowing reunion of the healthy heart and soul. Aventurine can also assist in creative visualization and increase mental powers, perception and creative insight. It is suitable for artists, writers, and other creative positions. It is also a good gem to use when seeking prosperity or luck in gambling.

Aventurine is a Nature stone. It brings peace, tranquility, and serenity when used as a touchstone, and may be used to attract abundance and prosperity when worn on the body or carried in a medicine pouch.

Occupation and Purpose:
Banker: → increases financial opportunity
Mental powers, eyesight, gambling, money, luck, healing, peace, stimulates opportunity and motivation,
Magical Uses:
  • Green adventurine is worn to strengthen eyesight.
  • It is worn, carried or used in spells to increase perception, stimulate creativity, and/or enhance intelligence.
  • It is used in game of chance magick and is a good gamblers talisman.
  • Used in money-attracting magick or prosperity spells.
  • Useful for calming emotions and speeding healing.
  • All-around good luck stone.
Divinatory Meaning:
Future growth and expansion are possible
Green Aventurine
Magical Property:
Good luck, abundance, adventures in travel, healing heart & emotions. Independence, career changes
Silver Aventurine
Magical Property:
Removes negativity and encourages stability; dispels evil or negative influences; helps develop psychic abilities; attracts the influence of the Mother Goddess
Peach Aventurine
Magical Property:
Encouragement, concentration, intellect, knowledge and understanding
Black Aventurine
Magical Property:
Deflects negativity, calms, grounds, reduces anger, and is a protection shield
Red Aventurine
Magical Property:
Red aventurine has the properties of aventurine, plus more because of its color and composition.Red aventurine enhances creativity and ability to see possibilities. It can heal the reproductive system, and sometimes reverse diseases. It also can bring prosperity and lessen negativity. Red aventurine is associated with the sacral and root chakras.
Blue Aventurine
Magical Property
This calming stone is used in healing and balancing the emotions, and helping us to communicate clearly and creatively. Blue Aventurine stimulates creativity, intellect and independence. It enhances leadership qualities allowing the wearer to act decisively, with strong intuitive power