Alexandrite is a type of chrysoberyl, scarce and very expensive based on the quality of its color. The synthetic version of Alexandrite has the same qualities as the natural form. A transparent stone, the color of this stone varies with light. In the day's light, it may be green or blue-green, while at night it may change to mauve, violet, or red. It is named for Czar Alexander I as it was discovered in the Ural region of Russia on his birthday.

Alexandrite is beneficial to one's mental and physical health, helping in internal, external, and spiritual regeneration and alignment. It also aids the nervous system, spleen, pancreas, and the male sexual organs. It can make things less taxing and help you attain oneness with life and the joy that it holds. In this way it helps your self esteem and self-confidence as well. Alexandrite is especially recommended for people born in June.

A variety of chrysoberyl. Aids internal and external regeneration. Has positive influence on nervous system, spleen, pancreas. Helps to align mental and emotional body. Spiritual transformation and regeneration. Reflects highest potentials of unfoldment. Joy, oneness with life. Chakra: crown.

Crystal Structure:
Crystal Form:
Rare occurences of twins and triplets
Green (sunlight), red-violet (artificial)
Third-eye, Heart, Base
Luck, love, stimulates sexual gratification and love of life
Magical Uses:
This stone is rare and expensive. When worn it draws luck and good fortune. It's also used in love spells, balances the nervous system, color therapy.
Disorders of the spleen, testicles, and pancreas; regeneration of neurological tissue on cellular level; treat diseases of the nervous system; treat disorders associated with leukemia; enhances the assimilation of protein.