Anhydrite forms blue and white crystals, occasionally with a splash of red hematite. Anhydrite is Greek and means without water, and while it is a relatively common sedimentary mineral that forms massive rock layers, good mineral specimens of anhydrite are extremely rare. It forms as a result of the dewatering of the rock forming mineral Gypsum. This loss of water produces a reduction in volume of the rock layer, causing the formation of caverns as the rock shrinks. Fine specimens of anhydrite have been found in Mexico and Peru that show good crystal habit, a nice blue color and even a play of light internally in the crystal.

Anhydrite is a symbol of verbalization and communication of love and light in the world. It balances the physical with the spiritual, and removes anger, allowing for understanding of the transient nature of the physical being. Acceptance of what may come tomorrow and what has occurred in the past is augmented by anhydrite. It helps communication between those of different minds, and assists in acceptance of changes and situations. A protective field forms around any area where angelite is placed. Anhydrite is a sender and receiver, enhancing both aspects of telepathic ability and astral travel. It augments the ability to communicate with spiritual beings and totems, guides psychic healing, and helps mediumistic ability. Astrological and mathematical comprehension is encouraged through anhydrite.

Crystal System:
Cell Salt:
Calcium Sulfate
Ranges from White, Gray, Blue, Red, Brick Red, to Lavender; may appear translucent or fluorescent.
Mars - Pluto/Scorpio (exact cell salt equivalent); also Venus/Taurus; Sun/Leo
Stone Lore:
Anhydrite may be associated with the contemporary Slavic Shaman belief that the first rudiments of future souls are created through energy initially born in crystals, gems, and minerals, because this a remarkable transformative stone.
Medicinal Uses:
The Main function of this stone is to assist in breaking down all old habit patterns by bringing deeply rooted secrets to the surface. This stone will also open the heart chakra by arousing sympathy for the human condition.