Crystal Structure:
Octahedral and cubic crystals (which are often distorted and frequently grouped in reticulated or arborescent formation), and in masses and druse.
Astrological Sign:
Sagittarius, Scorpio
Numerical Vibration:
Magickal Properties:
  • This mineral is one of alteration, bringing on altered states readily, altered conditions when one desires such, and altered requirements to ones being.
  • Stimulates the augmentation of beneficial change to ones life, bringing in the energy of action without reaction and a clear purpose for advancement.
  • It helps to show one that which is internal to the self and ot others with respect to emotional, physical, and intellectual circumstances. It can draw forth negativity from these centers while transferring the positive forces of another mineral to same: hence, performing as a balancing agent.
Medical Uses:
Has been used in the treatment of cellular disorders, tumors, and bone structure, and to increase the T-Cell count. It has also been used to increase the stability of the body and the organs of the body, to cleanse the body of toxins, and to assist in the equilibrium of the pulse and heart rates.
It has been used as an activation stone in the preparation of elixirs. The softness of this mineral precludes its use in the normal preparation of an elixir.