Bloodstone, by far my favorite stone, is a lovely deep green jasper or chalcedony speckled with red or orange iron oxide spots. Unlike other jaspers, bloodstone is considered a semi-precious jewel found in India, Australia, Brazil, China, and the USA. One legend from the middle ages attributed the origins of bloodstone to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ when the blood from his wounds fell to the green earth and transformed it to stone. Bloodstone receives its name from this legend as well as the belief in its healing abilities. Before the time of Christ, Bloodstone was known as Heliotrope which means "sun turn," from a Greek legend stating that heliotrope reflected the sun in the earth as blood red. Another legend states that covering the jewel heliotrope with the herb heliotrope could render the possessor of this charm invisible. This combination was not restricted to only invisibility spells. Bloodstone reputedly predicted and caused lightning and thunderstorms.

This stone is especially beneficial to the circulatory system and the body's detoxifying organs. It not only purifies toxic blood, it also detoxifies the liver, kidneys and spleen. Bloodstone is also beneficial to the reproductive organs, bones, and heart. Iron deficiencies also change for the better through the influence of this mineral. Heliotrope was said to clear blood shot eyes, relieve sunstroke, and headaches. As an amulet, it was also carried to prevent injury and disease and enhance physical and mental vitality and balances the mind, reducing emotional and mental stress.

Egyptian priests and doctors often used bloodstone in their healing potions, ground to powder and mixed with honey. In this form, it was used to heal tumors and stop hemorrhaging. Soldiers were advised to carry this stone into battle for its ability to staunch wounds, and women in childbirth were also directed to use this stone to prevent hemorrhage. It is also said to increase a person's courage while preserving them from danger. As an amulet, bloodstone was said to preserve its wearer from deception and dispel anger. At the same time, it was credited with giving its owner incredible charisma. Anything the wearer said would be believed.

Though any sign may use bloodstone, it shares March with Aquamarine as the birth stone for people born in this month. It is suggested for healers, people with poor circulation, and those who have suffered physical or emotional trauma to their hearts. Bloodstone stimulates the movement of kundalini energies and assists in linking the root chakra and the heart chakra. Bloodstone is said to have a remarkable ability to remove blockages of all kinds and effect changes.

Bloodstone is a general healing stone and stimulant. Carry it to enrich iron-poor, tired blood or to help balance other blood related disorders. Hold bloodstone against a bleeding wound to stauch the flow of blood.

The green, red-spotted bloodstone is also a prosperity stone; it ensures the wearer of monetary increase and abundant harvest. During the Middle Ages, bloodstone was thought to have the power to bring rain.

The bloodstone should be set in gold and worn around the neck near the heart.

Folk Names:
Heliotrope, hematite (which is actually a different stone)
Associated Herbs:
Heliotrope (Heliotropum europaeum)
Halts bleeding, healing, victory, courage, legal issues, wealth, strength, business, power, invisbility, agriculture
Occult Nature:
Stimulates the sexual energies of the base chakra. Once used by Witches in lust spells.
Magical Uses:
  • Worn by athletes to increase physical strength and to win competitions
  • Worn to lengthen life~span
  • Lends courage, calms fears, and eliminates anger
  • Used in spells and talismans, to secure victory in legal matters and court
  • Used in money, wealth and business spells
  • Worn during planting season to increase the yield of crops
  • Worn on arms to pregnant women to prevent miscarriage, and ease childbirth
  • When smeared with the fresh flowers of the Heliotrope and carried it's said to render the person invisible to those whom they wish to remain anonymous from
  • Ingraved with a bat on them this stone is used as a talisman to enhance the effectiveness of spells and rituals
Divinatory Meaning:
Unpleasant surprise, unlikely to be an illness