Boji Stones

Use for grounding and healing by holding the stone in your hand while visualizing. Use these stones to protect and strengthen your psychic defenses.

Balance: Wear to balance energies within the body

Crystal System:
Cell Salt:
Trace metals and elements, including pyrite, palladium, fossil, and petrified bone
Black, varying to lighter shades of metallic silver gray iridescence
Projective and Receptive
Mars; Mercury/Gemini; Moon/Cancer; Saturn-Uranus/Aquarius
Fire, Akasha
Protection, healing, balancing energies
Magical Uses:
  • Emit powerful, forceful,projective vibrations.
  • Useful for balancing the bodies energies.
  • Calming, grounding, healing and enhancing psychic defenses.
Stone Lore
Boji stone comes from Kansas. It is a New Age stone.
Medicine Uses:
Boji stone gathers energy within it's powerful electromagnetic field. The smooth, round stones are "female", and the rough crystalized, odd-shaped stones are "male". It is good to acquire a healing pair.
Boji stone balances energy and removes blockages from the aura as well as the body. It also cleans, charges, and fills up the holes in the aura.
Generally this strange, metallic ball is excellent for grounding subtle energies while establishing a harmonious polarity throughout the physical, emotional, mental, and finer spirit bodies.
Boji stone works well when carried in a pouch on or about the person. Hold the stones in the fingers of your receptive hand along with rock crystal to neutralize bad vibes.
Blue Boji Stone
Magickal Properties:
This color of Boji stone has a high but grounded spiritual vibration. They are extremely useful when taking journeys out of the body as they facilitate traveling and guard the body until the soul returns.