Cat's Eye

Cats Eye can help curb impulsiveness and help you "see" what's ahead. It is an aid to decision making and creative stimulation. It is a good stone for promoting wealth and money. This is another soothing stone that is optimistic, and it also assists courage and strength.

This is an ancient Asian stone with many uses. The uppermost branches of the Hindu world tree were said to be made of cat's eye, hinting that this stone may be used to see into the future or to communicate with the spirit world.

Cat's eye has long been touted as a health and beauty aid; place a cat's eye in spring water overnight and drink the liquid in the morning as a tonic. As this stone epitomizes the phrase "live long and prosper", wear cat's eye to increase longevity as well as to bring prosperity.

Wealth, protection, gambling, healing, beauty
Magical Uses:
  • Worn or carried to increase beauty and preserve youthfulness.
  • Used in a tincture to also end age marks and wrinkles.
  • Used in wealth or money spells.
  • Brings riches and makes a good talisman for gamblers.
  • Worn for mental health, protection, insight, and luck.
  • Dispels depression, gives pleasure, and is great for financial speculation
  • Worn to prevent eye diseases.
  • Believed to cause invisibility and is used to appear invisible to others.