"Chocolate Marbles"

Crystal Structure:
Are similar in appearance to round chocolate spheres, they are actually petrified mud balls from volcanic action [found, for example, in Arizona, USA].
Astrological Sign:
Numerical Vibrations:
Magical Properties:
  • They are joyful stones and, when held, tend to eliminate worries and to enhance ones state of well-being. They help with transitions, with variations in ones life, and to relieve states of anger.
  • Is mainly for the young and old; the young, because they have not yet lost the wisdom which they brought to earth during this lifetime; the old, because they have regained and supplemented the wisdom which they brought to the Earth during this lifetime.
  • Provide a grounding force, allowing for an increase in mental faculties, while stimulating amiability toward others.
Medical Properties:
Can be used in the treatment of potassium deficiency, disorders of the throat, and the dissipation of growths.