Radiating purity and indestructibility, diamonds symbolize the central sun within us and the perfection of our Higher Selves. Diamonds aid in trust, confidence and purification. Because they flash all colors, they can help us to align with the Universal All. It brings physical strength and also well as helping to bring strength and endurance to the energies of other stones. It releives nightmares and is also said to help relase sexual blockages, helping the wearer to enjoy a brilliant sexual life.

Diamond, which is a pure form of crystalline carbon, is the hardest known mineral, and defines the top of the Mohs hardness scale; this makes it easy to identify in the field. Optically clear specimens have always been highly prized, although these days synthetic equivalents are becoming more commonplace. It can occur in a number of different color forms, including those of which have yellow, blue, pink, green, and black hues. It has perfect cleavage in four directions, which makes it ideal for use in jewelry. Diamond has an adamantine to waxy luster and a white streak, with a specific gravity of 3.5. It is, however, very rare, and only occurs in kimberlite igneous rocks — the best sources are found in South and West Africa, Russia, Brazil, India, Australia, and the USA.

Crystal System:
Perfect in four directions forming octahedrons
Crystal Structure:
Transparent to transluscent
South Africa, Russia, India, Brazil, Australia, Arkansas, USA, Africa
Cell Salt:
Carbon C
Colorless, clear; light yellow, brown, green, blue, deep brown, orange, violet, yellow, yellow-green, red, blue, deep green, and also black.
Crown, Brow, Solar Plexus, Sacral
Sun;  Saturn;  Uranus;  Uranus;  Mercury/Gemini;   Moon/Cancer
Associated Metals:
Silver, platinum, steel
Spirituality, protection, sexual dysfunction, courage, reconciliation, peace, strength, healing
Occult Nature:
This gem has many associations in folklore. It was considered a symbol of truth and loyalty, and it was believed that the diamond would lose its luster if the owner broke an oath. Magically, the diamond serves to protect the bearer. It is especially protective for times when the conscious mind is unaware of the body (as in astral projection, coma, or surgery). It is said thtat the body cannot be "possessed" when a diamond protects it.
Magical Uses:
  • Wear to promote spirituality and ecstasy.
  • Promotes self-confidence in relationships with members of the opposite sex.
  • Potent for removing the root causes of sexual dysfunction.
  • Used to conquer infertility.
  • Used by women to promote the birth of a male child.
  • Insures fidelity and ends lovers quarrels.
  • Used in spells to increase physical strength and stamina.
  • Promotes courage, vitality, bravery, daring, and victory.
  • Used for protection and luck.
  • Removes nightmares and encourages peaceful sleep.
  • Good scrying stone.
Divinatory Meaning:
Permanence. Business advancement. If the crystal loses its sparkle, betrayal.
Stone Lore:
During the Middle Ages, diamond was thought to be a magick stone of great power. While this stone brought victory, strength, courage, and fortitude to the wearer, it was also believed that it could make the wearer discontent. Perhaps this was because looking into the diamond was likened to gazing into the eye of the sun or the face of the gods. Likewise, the Hindus accorded power, friends, riches, good luck, youth, success, and death to the diamond.
In the Middle East, the diamond was a powerful talisman that could provoke shamanic ecstasy. Europeans found the first large "diamonds" in the leather bag of a South African sorcerer; however, it is more likely that these stones were actually rock crystals, the universal stone of choice amongst shamans.
Contemporary folklore states that it is better to recieve a diamond as a gift than to purchase it; the stone has more power this way (and will save you a bundle of money too!).
Medicine Uses:
Attention, discrimination, recollection, receptivity, inspiration, faith, endurance, and concentration are the mental/emotional responses elicited via our relationship with diamond.
Because the diamond is capable of regenerating and reintegrating the body-earth, it may be worn as a reminder of our integral wholeness and spiritual perfection.
Diamond shields the wearer from negative projections and the manipulations of others. Try scrying with a diamond instead of a rock crystal ball to see into the future.
The diamond can be used as a heart tonic: place in a glass of water overnight and drink the liquid the following day.
Pink of red diamonds promote feelings of love and affection. The blue diamond may bring tranquility into stressful situations. Green diamonds have a soothing, calming effect on the central nervous system and the physical body in general. Breadth of vision and enthusiasm are inspired by violet diamonds. Orange increases the vital energy, while yellow enables the wearer to transmit healing light.
Diamonds should be set in gold and worn on the right ring finger. Avoid low-quality diamonds, as these may have adverse effects on your health.