Dry-Head Agate

Dry-head agate is a fortification agate which displays shades of brown, white, and orange.

The energy of dry-head agate is conducive to deep meditative states. It furthers the understanding of the idea of universal "brotherhood", and helps one to maintain peace with the inner being.

It affords one patience and encourages the acceptance of responsibility - the responsibility being for ones actions and for ones personally created reality.

It allows one to understand that the universal will recognizes only complete peace and joy; it also promotes the realization that refusal to acknowledge this aspect is that which brings converse and/or unpleasant experiences.

It has further been used to facilitate the state of meditation, producing a calming and soothing affect upon the mind and facilitating a release of tension from the physical body.

It has been used in the treatment of colds and allergies, and for further strengthening of the immune system. It can also be used to stabalize psychological disorders. When used as an elixir and applied topically, it can both soothe and smooth the hair and skin.

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