Holly Blue Agate

Holly blue agate is an agate from the vicinity of Holly, Oregon, USA. It is similar in appearance to the Ellensburg blue agate, except that the blue coloring includes a tinge of violet. The combination of thse colours produces a lovely violet-blue agate.

It is a "stone of spirituality and psychic actualization" and can be used to facilitate communication in this world, and between this world and the spiritual world. It works to eliminate mental and emotional conditions which produce distortion in judgement.

It also helps to refine ones communication skills and provides encouragement to verbalize ones feelings.

It activates and stimulates both the throat and the crown chakras, allowing for verbalization of the inner states of meditation with concomitant understanding via intellectual response. It also enhances mental acuity and clarity.

Holly blue agate helps one to realize that all that one teaches, one learns; hence, to teach love, is to learn that love is within and that one is indeed the pure representation of the essence of love. It also expedites the eradication of heartaches.

It can be used in therapy for debilitating conditions, to protect from typhoid fever, and to improve jaundiced conditions of the body. It has also been used in the treatment of disorders of the heart and throat, and to stabalize imbalances in the brain.

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