Lake Superior Agate

Lake Superior Agate is a banded-agate which is found in the area around Lake Superior [of course]. It is rather uncommon at times [depending upon the movement of the tides within and around the lake].

This agate elevates ones personal worth, and facilitates contact with higher-self. It furthers ones self-confidence in exploration of the mythical and mystical realms, bringing the unknown into conscious recognition, and enhancing the understanding of the rites and rituals involved to maintain access to these hidden worlds.

It also facilitates contact with information sources beyond the physical plane of this planet. It allows one to recognize that it is quite natural to communicate with the other planes of existence - the other planes are there, so ... why not?

It can be used to stimulate the medulla oblongata and to correct defective reasoning patterns.

Astrological Signs:
Scorpio and Leo
Numerological Value: