Plasma Agate

Plasma Agate is transparent to translucent in shades of green and red, with a veinular structure in beige to yellow to brown.

This mineral can assist on in the attainment of direction, both in the determination of the direction required for the improvement of the self and in the stability and resolution required to maintain progress on that chosen path.

Plasma agate has been worn by runners to facilitate speed and stamina.

It can also be used in gridding the Earth to provide protection from disasters and turmoil. It has been used successfully in areas of violence to alleviate the disturbance.

This mineral has been used in the treatment of disorders of the blood, veins, circulation, and heart. It has been used in the opening of arterial passageways (as an elixir), in the amelioration of cuts and bruises, and in the therapeutic removal of skin growths.

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