Regency Rose Agate

Regency Rose Agate is a transluscent to transparent silicated agate occuring in a lovely rose color.

This mineral can be used to bring one to the state of dignity in all matters, lessening any and all embarassment about any and all things. It allows one to recognize that we can laugh about ourselves, be comfortable with ourselves, and love ourselves.

In the days of the "Old West", the miners who carried a piece of "Regency Rose" believed it would bring them happiness, luck and wealth.

Regency Rose Agate has been used in the treatment of depression, despondency, and despair. It assists one in recognizing that hopelessness need not exist and that resignation to less than perfection is inappropriate.

It has also been used in the treatment of hair loss (as an elixir), PMS, chronic fatigue syndrome, and heart dis-ease.

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