Rose Eye Agate

Rose-Eye Agate is a translucent to transparent white to yellow agate with a rose-colour in the center.

This mineral has been used to stimulate the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies, to bring lustre to ones life, and to assist in balancing the reactive state with the active state, furthering the calmness of action and dimishing the distress of reaction.

It has been used to stimulate the third-eye, to induce channeling and visioning, and to enhance clairvoyance.

The alleviation of tension, and the calming of the outer bodies and the physical body, which is produced by this mineral, also helps to align the energy structure of the user.

Rose-Eye Agate has been used in the treatment of cataracts, retina damage, healing after surgery, and dis-ease/discomfort of the tear ducts. It can also be used in th cleansing of the liver and the pancreas. It has been effective in the elimination of blood clots.

Magical Propery:
This form of agate can be used to awaken and/or strengthen the psychic abilities, visualization skills, gain goals
Astrological Signs:
Numerological Value: