This very precious stone opens the heart chakra, bringing harmony, sensitivity and loyalty and creating a feeling of bliss. Its fragility reminds us that the hearts of other can be fragile as well, and helps us to be gentle with those around us. It brings stability and is powerful in wealth magick. It is also used to strengthen the memory.

This is perhaps the most popular and most highly prized form of beryl. Brilliant green emerald is an Earth Mother stone, a stone of Nature, and therefore heightens our ability to be ecology-conscious.

Creative imagination, prosperity, protection, love and fertility are increased by the emerald. Wear an emerald ring on the index finger of the receptive hand to relieve or prevent disease, or against the throat to gently calm and balance all seven chakras at once.

Gaze at the emerald to soothe tired eyes, or keep emeralds in the northernmost corner of the home to keep out evil spirits.

The best emerald crystals come from India. Choose specimens that are colored medium to dark transparent green or blue-green. Inclusions are common and do not negatively effect the quality of the stone.

Emerald is a vivid green gemstone that can be very valuable if it is free from any inclusions or other faults; few examples, however, make this grade. It is a member of the beryl family, and gains its beautiful color from chromium, along with trace amounts of iron, or vanadium. The best quality gems come from Columbia, where there are nearly 150 mining locations. By far the biggest of these is at Cosquez, a site which supplies around three-quarters of Columbia's emeralds. They were also mined in historical times in Egypt and Germany.

Chemical Property:
Beryllium Aluminum Silicate
Vivid Green
7.5 - 8
Specific Gravity:
2.67 - 2.78
Crystal Structure:
Transparent to translucent; Hexagonal
Columbia, Brazil, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Pakistan, India, Russia, Afghanistan, Australia, Madagascar, and from North Carolina, Connecticut, Maine, and New Hampshire in the USA
Isis, Venus, Ceres, Vishnu
Associated Metals:
Copper, Silver
Love, money, psychism, mental powers, protection, exorcism, eyesight
Occult Nature:
Considered to ba a transmitting agent for the emotion of love. The emerald exerts a positive influence on the heart physically and spiritually. Ancient magicians are said to have used this stone to see visions.
Magical Uses:
  • Used to attracted love
  • Used in business spells to promote sales, and attract public awareness to the firm
  • Wear to strengthen the memory and promote eloquence in speaking
  • Increases the wearer's awareness of psychic faculties, as well as consciousness.
  • Used for protection, and exorcism
  • As a gazing stone it relieves tired, bleary, or weak eyes, relaxes the optic nerve and restores normal sight
  • Worn at night to stop nocturnal emissions while sleeping
Divinatory Meaning
Fertility or a secret admirer. If color pales, love is fading.