Projects energy. This stone will help with transformation of thoughts. Said to help an introverted person to become more outward and allow a shy person to feel more comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. A protective stone. Aids in physical strength in confrontations.

Gods: Achilles, Atlas, Hercules, Thor, Zeus

Goddesses: Aditi, Athena, Diana, Eris, Hecate, Kali, Shiu-kuan

Flint is considered to be a holy stone by many Native American tribes. It has been used for centuries to start the sacred fire, though with the coming of matches and cigarette lighters, many young people have forgotten how to create sparks with flint.

Learn to make a fire with flint. Set up a fire ring in a safe place. Gather up some kindling (shredded newspaper, straw, dried twigs.)Pray to the stone spirits and ask them to help you. Then knock two flints together until you make sparks that catch the kindling on fire. Enjoy the flames and reflect on the feelings of gratitude for the heat and light, gifts of Father Sky and Mother Earth. Share your knowlege with others so that the traditions is not forgotten.

Ancient blades of flint have been found throughout Europe. Flint knives are still in use today for magickal invocation and protection.

Carve a flint blade. Cast a magick circle in the dirt (or symbolically on the living room floor) with the blade, beginning in the east and moving deocil south west and north back to east. To divine the future, place the blade on its side in the middle of the circle and set it spinning deocil. Note where the blade is pointing when the spinning stops. East is the future place, west is the past place, north represents mystery, and south is fulfillment in the here and now.

Flint, which is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz, is composed almost entirely of silicon dioxide. This means that the crystals cannot be seen with the naked eye, but instead require the use of a high power microscope. Flint is simply a dark form of chert that under some definitions is considered to have a more waxy luster. Although it is typically almost black, it can also have various tints of red, brown, or yellow, depending on the presence of various impurities. It varies from between being slightly transluscent to opaque, and has a conchoidal fracture which can result in a razor sharp edge. This property was first exploited for the production of stone cutting tools by our early human ancestors as much as 1.5 million years ago. Since then, flint has been used for all kinds of purposes, including making sparks for lighting fires, as well as igniting the explosive charges in cannons and guns.

Chemical Composition:
Silicon Dioxide
Dark gray to black, sometimes tinted red, brown or yellow
Specific Gravity:
2.55 - 2.65
Crystal Structure:
Transluscent to opaque
Vitreous - Waxy
Grain Size:
Very Fine
Folk Names:
Thunderstone, elf-shot, fairy-shot, elf-arrow, adder stone
Associated Metal:
Protection, divination, healing
Magical Uses:
  • Place above door to protect your house or threshold
  • Held or placed on altar during protective rituals
  • Used for divining gold, water, gem stones, and other underground treasures
  • Used to remove headaches
  • Worn or carried to protect you during lightning storms