Fluorite's ordered crystalline structure brings stability and order into the wearer's life. A third eye stone, this is an excellent choice for meditation, bringing calm and helping to focus and achieve inner silence. Fluorite works on the brain to provide openness to your Higher Source and to manifest that information gained on the material plane. An aid in study and intellectual pursuits, it increases concentration, and allow clear and detached reasoning. Fluorite also attracts the faeries, and planting this stone at the four corners of your yard can aid in creating a Faery Garden -- just watch out, those faeries can be mischievous!

Fluorite — sometimes referred to as "Blue John" — occurs as cubic crystals as well as inclusions in other rocks, such as granite. It can be found in many places around the world, from Europe to North America. In the United States, deposits occur in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas. Fluorite is often associated with galena, sphalerite, barite, quartz, and calcite. The mineral's name comes from the fact that under ultraviolet light, it fluoresces strongly.

Crystal System:
Transparent to Transluscent; Isometric
Cell Salt:
Calcium fluoride CaF2
Violet, blue, green, yellow, brown, blue-black, pink, rose-red, colorless, and white.
Specific Gravity:
Vitreous to pearly
Widespread; major deposits in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Norway, Mexico, Canada, and the United States
Air and Water
Projective and Receptive
Mercury/Gemini;  Saturn-Uranus/Aquarius;  Moon/Cancer; (exact cell salt equivalent).
Mental powers
Magical Uses:
  • Works with the conscious mind for straightening thoughts, and reducing emotional involvement in situations granting more accurate perspectives
  • Used to increase analytical abilities, and aids in theorization and assimilation of information.
  • Quells strong emotions, ends depression, anger or disgust.
  • Strengthens the effects of other stones when used in conjunction with them.
Stone Lore:
Fluorite is a New Millennium stone.
Medicine Uses:
The element of air predominates this mineral substance. Use it to increase mental agility and when attempting to analyze important information.
This New Millennium stone emphasizes the concerns of ancestral connections, the immediate home and family, and our interconnectedness with the Earth. While fluorite impresses us on personal levels, it also conducts energy from the upper world of spirit to the lower world of soul. Generally, fluorite is helpful for easing emotional problems, especially those arising on the home front.
Fluorite is associated with fluoride, the tooth-decay preventative, and may be used to strengthen teeth and bones.
Violet crystals promote mental expansion, allowing us to view ourselves and our actions from a higher vantage point. Blue fluorite benefits any situation requiring clear communication. Green fluorite may help to heal troubled relationships. Pink and rose-red stones are stimulating and revitalizing, and may be used to break down feelings of inertia. Brown or black crystals aid concentration, while the white or colorless varieties provide a protective shield of influence throughout the auric and physical bodies. Pictures and images held inside the stone, such as clouds, trees, or angels, also suggest the purpose of the stone in your possession.
Blue Fluorite
Magickal Properties:
This form of fluorite enhances creative, orderly thought and clear communication. A dual-action stone, it calms or revitalizes energy as needed for the physical or the biomagnetic bodies. Blue Fluorite is effective for eye, nose, ear, and throat problems. It amplifies your healing potential by tightly focusing brain activity, and can invoke spiritual awakening.
Clear Fluorite
Magickal Properties:
This form of fluorite stimulates the crown chakra, energizes the aura, and harmonizes the intellect with the spirit. It aligns all the chakras, bringing universal energy into the physical body. This stone enhances the effect of other crystals during healing and can clear obscured vision.
Green Fluorite
Magickal Properties:
This form of fluorite grounds excess energy, dissipates emotional trauma, and clears infections. It is particularly effective at absorbing negative energies within the environment. It brings information up from the subconscious mind and accesses intuition. It is an effective auric, chakra, and mental cleanser, dissipating obsolete conditioning. It relieves stomach disorders and cramp in the intestines.

Purple and Violet Fluorite
Magickal Properties:
Both forms of fluorite stimulate the third eye and impart common sense to psychic communication. They are excellent meditation stones. They are useful in the treatment on bone and bone marrow disorders.
Yellow Fluorite
Magickal Properties:
This form of fluorite enhances creativity and stabalizes group energy. It is particularly helpful for cooperative endeavors. It supports intellectual activities. At a physical level, it releases toxins. It treats cholesterol and aids the liver.
Yttrium Fluorite
Magickal Properties:
This form of fluorite takes a slight different form from that of the other fluorites, and does not correct disorganization. It is, nevertheless, an effective healer of other conditions associated with fluorite. This is a service-orientated stone. It attracts wealth and abundance, teaching the principles of manifestation. It heightens mental activity.