Indicolite is blue tourmaline, which is probably the rarest form of tourmaline. Indicolite corresponds to all chakras in terms of clearing, but particularly to the throat and third eye chakras. It is said to aid in the quest for spiritual growth. It increases psychic awarehess, and increases healing powers. Indicolite can also bring happiness and laughter to your life. It also promotes inspiriation of all kinds, and lessens fear. Indicolite is a protective stone that can dispel curses and protect from all dangers. In the physical realm, indicolite is said to benefit the lungs, larynx, thyroid, heart, internal organs, and parasympathetic nerves.

This wonderful pale blue tourmaline sublimates and heals discord, chaos, conflicts, doubts, and confusion.

Indicolite, which is a blue variety of Elbaite, is the rarest and most desirable member of the tourmaline family. It is prized as a valuable gemstone — the combination of a good sparkle and being strongly pleochroic gives a very pleasing aspect. Depending on the viewing angle, it can appear to be anywhere from azure to dark blue. This coloration is due to trace impurities of iron and manganese. It is formed as the result of volcanic activity, and is found in many places around the world, with the best specimens coming from the Minas Gerais mines in Brazil. This stone has a vitreous luster and a colorless streak.

Chemical Composition:
Sodium Lithium Aluminum Borosilicate
Various shades of blue
7 - 7.5
Specific Gravity:
Conchoidal to uneven
Crystal Structure:
Transparent to transluscent; trigonal
Brazil, Myanmar, India, Italy, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and the USA