Often worn by Shamans for protection of their bodies when on astral journeys, the nurturing energy of this stone energizes and strengthens, enhancing physical health. It helps the wearer to maintain a positive outlook. In hazardous circumstances it can aid the wearer in knowing what course of action to take. Jasper held in the hand, is said to relieve some of the pain of childbirth.

This form of chalcedony works directly on the animal soul to heighten and intensify primal awareness. It is both divinatory and "karmic" in nature and can be used to control psychic reactions and automatic responses.

Some Native Americans use jasper to make rain. This stone may also cure snakebite by drawing venom from the wound.

Red jasper may be worn for protection. Clear the mind with yellow jasper. Brown jasper is and aid to concentration and may be worn for centering and grounding.

Jasper is an opaque variety of chalcedony that has been colored red, yellow, orange, brown or green by trace impurities of iron oxide — typically these are either in the form of hematite or goethite. It has been popular since ancient times for making ornamental items, and its vitreous luster helps polished pieces look very attractive. It works easily, a property that was exploited by early hominids to make simple stone tools. Its lack of cleavage, uneven fracture, and relative hardness make it ideal for this purpose. Jasper occurs in many locations worldwide, particularly in association with Precambrian iron ore deposits.

Chemical Composition:
Silicon Dioxide
Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown or Green
6.5 - 7
Specific Gravity:
Crystal Structure:
Opaque; hexagonal
Folk Names:
Gug(Ancient Assyrian), rainbringer (American Indian)
Healing, protection, health, beauty
Magical Uses:
  • Promote mental processes
  • Wear to restrain harmful desires or whims.
  • Protection against physical and non~physical hazards.
  • Worn to relieve the pain of childbirth.
  • Wear to attract luck.
Arizona Lizard Stone
Magical Property:
This stone occurs in colors ranging from light to dark green. It promotes healing on all levels, allowing the body to reject the cause of the disease. Disorders of the skin and bloating are assisted by Arizona Lizard Stone. It alleviates headaches and provides emotional stability. Energy blockages which may lead to poor circulation can be removed through the use of this stone
Basanite (Black Jasper)
Magical Property:
Is a useful scrying stone. It takes you deep into an altered state of consciousness and brings prophetic dreams and visions
Bat Cave Jasper
Magical Property:
This stone ranges from chocolate brown to tan. It is useful in helping to find one’s center and facilitating very deep states meditation. Stress is released with the “gentleness of a summer breeze.” Bat Cave Jasper assists in the transition to astral as well as the journey itself. It helps in the purification of the body and stimulates motor functions. Night vision is enhanced.
Blue Jasper
Magical Property:
Connects you to the spiritual world. It stimulates the throat chakra; balances yin-yang energy, and stabilizes the aura. This stone sustains energy during a fast, heals degenerative diseases, and balances mineral deficiency.
Navel and heart chakra for astral travel.
Brecciated Jasper (Jasper veined with hematite)
Magical Property:
Is an excellent aid to keeping your feet on the ground and attaining emotional stability. It draws excess energy away from the head, promoting mental clarity.
Brown Jasper
Energy: receptive
Planet: Saturn
Element: earth
Magical Property:
  • Wear for centering and grounding
  • Wear to keep your focus on your surroundings and to enhance your physical as well as psychic surroundings
  • Wear to prevent daydreaming
  • Bruneau Jasper
    Magical Property:
    Color combinations of brown, tan, and ivory in circular patterns occur in Bruneau Jasper. The patterns occasionally form eye-like structures. Bruneau Jasper is useful in helping the user to see the interconnectedness of all things and worlds, including past lives, while maintaining a firm awareness of the physical world.
    The health of the eyes is affected by Bruneau Jasper. Bacterial infections and diseases of the reproductive system are helped by this stone, as are disorders within the fatty tissues of the body. It is a good stone for bodily transitions of age. The herbalist may find it useful for the intuitive preparation of herbal combinations.
    Dalmation Jasper
    Magical Property:
    Safeguard personal independence, said to bring inspirational warnings when there is danger of unfair domination from others. Balance emotions and stress. Aid and comfort during periods of female distress. One stone worn about the neck and another around the waist.
    Green Jasper
    Energy: receptive
    Planet: Venus
    Element: earth
    Magical Property:
  • Use as a healing amulet and health talisman
  • Halts hallucinations, and promotes restful sleep
  • Aids in becoming more sympathetic to others emotion and mental states
  • Leopard Jasper
    Magical Property:
    Supreme Nurturer", protection during travel and from negativity, grounding, facilitates safe astral travel
    Mookaite (Australian Jasper)
    Magical Property:
    Provides a useful balance between inner and outer experiences. It imparts both a desire for new experiences and a deep calm with which to face them. Flexible Mookaite encourages versatility. It points out all possibilities and assists in choosing the right one. Mookaite is a physically stabilizing stone that fortifies the immune system, heals wounds, and purifies the blood.
    Mottled Jasper
    Energy: projective
    Planet: Mercury
    Element: air
    Magical Property:
  • wear for protection against drowning
  • Ocean Jasper
    Magical Property;
    affects ailments of the upper torso, digestive tract, and cleansing organs
    Orbicular Jasper
    Magical Property:
    Orbicular Jasper (eye-spot): Orbicular jasper may be referred to as kindradite. Unlike Bruneau Jasper, it contains many small circles. Orbicular Jasper supports pursuits based on service. It allows one to accept responsibility and increase patience.
    Meditative and healing states are facilitated by Orbicular Jasper. It affects the nutritional stability of the body and improves the digestive process and system. This form of jasper is suited to the elimination of toxins and also decreases body odor as a side affect.
    Picture Jasper
    Magical Property:
    Picture or landscape jasper creates scenes which resemble desert landscapes. It occurs in combinations of brown, tan, black, blue, and ivory. Biggs-formation Picture Jasper (from Biggs Oregon) is one of the most beautiful and expensive forms of this jasper. Biggs-formation is known as the stone for global awareness and “brotherhood.” A form of Biggs Jasper known as Biggs Blue is an unusual example of this subdivision. It is specifically stimulating of the third eye and helpful in understanding the technological advances of ancient, lost civilizations.
    Picture Jasper is useful in retrieving hidden messages or a “picture” from the past. It is also a stone of harmony and proportion. Creativity and understanding of other cultures is encouraged through Picture Jasper. Business pursuits and activities leading to increase are affected.
    Picture Jasper is also helpful in bringing hidden thoughts, grievances, fears, and hopes to the surface. It stimulates proper functioning of the immune system and treats disorders of the kidneys and skin.
    Plume Jasper
    Magical Property:
    As it’s name would imply, this jasper comes in shades of royal purple and occurs in plume formations. It is used on the crown chakra and enhances status and power. Dignity is preserved and contradictions eliminated by this stone as it stabilizes emotions. It is also a binding stone, helpful in combining energies toward a common purpose. Royal Plume Jasper treats mental and emotional disorders and increases memory.
    Poppy Jasper
    Magical Property:
    Strengthens stamina. Beauty. Protection, reduces fear/insecurities, fatigue, optimism, physical healing, protection, wellbeing, wounds
    Purple Jasper
    Magical Property:
    Stimulates the crown chakra. It eliminates contradictions.
    Rainforest Jasper
    Magical Property:
    Rainforest Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer.” It helps remind its bearer that they are here on this plane for more than just themselves. They are here also to bring joy and peace to others. The gem lets its wearer accept and revel in being alone. The physical, emotional, and intellectual selves are balanced by rainforest jasper. It enhances mental functioning while steering the mind away from harmful thoughts
    Red Jasper
    Energy: projective
    Planet: Mars
    Element: fire
    Magical Property:
  • Guards against poison or fevers
  • Used in defensive magick
  • Used in healing and health spells
  • Used to promote beauty and grace
    Divinatory Meaning: Pay attention to earthly affairs
  • Rose Jasper
    Magical Property:
    This form of jasper is useful in assessing the determination and ability of an untested character. Rose-Eye jasper provides a protected and secure environment. It provides the user with quick rationality and actualization. This jasper is most useful for dispersion – of dissention, congestion, crowds, growths, overloaded schedules - whatever you need. It is a very supportive and reassuring stone. Pneumonia and hay fever are alleviate with this type of jasper.
    Royal Jasper
    Magical Property;
    As it’s name would imply, this jasper comes in shades of royal purple and occurs in plume formations. It is used on the crown chakra and enhances status and power. Dignity is preserved and contradictions eliminated by this stone as it stabilizes emotions. It is also a binding stone, helpful in combining energies toward a common purpose. Royal Plume Jasper treats mental and emotional disorders and increases memory.
    Magical Property:
    Wonderstone is a soft yellow-tan jasper usually with waves of light violet flowing through it. Tranquility is caused and reinforced by it. This jasper eliminates worries by allowing the user to understand that worry does not change the situation causing the worry. Only appropriate action will alleviate the problem. It stimulates insight, imagination, creativity, and mental clarity
    Yellow Jasper
    Magical Property:
    Protection Stone" Balances the Yin-Yang energy, stabilizes the aura, rejuvenates, gives courage and wisdom, relieves pain and suffering