Turns loving thoughts into loving communications, removes obstacles, provides protection from unwanted energies, assists in meditation and centering

This form of Spodumene has the interesting ability to absorb sunlight or artificial light and then give it off in the dark. Use it to relieve stress as well as to elicit feelings of love, compassion, and good will towards others.

Due to its high lithium content, kunzite may also be used to balance certain biochemical disorders such as schizophrenia and manic depression.

Venus, Pluto
Grounding, peace, relaxation
Magical Uses:
  • Calming and soothing stress and emotions.
  • Hold or wear to induce relaxion.
  • Soothes tense muscles.
  • Removes pressure during work, or traffic snarls.
  • Induces peace and harmony.
  • Removes anger, fear, or nervousness.
  • Grounding stone.
  • Useful for attracting love.
Clear Kunzite
Magickal Properties:
This form of Kunzite assists soul retrieval work. It facilitates the journey back to the site of the soul loss and can be used as the receptacle for the soul until it is reintegrated into the body.
Green Kunzite (Hiddenite)
Magickal Properties:
Varies in color from yellow to emerald green. It connects to other worlds to assist the transfer of knowledge from the higher realms. Hiddenite benefits intellectual and emotional experiences. It will gently release feelings of failure and help people who "put a brave face" on things to accept comfort and support from other people and the universe. It has the power to link the intellect with love to give birth to the unknown. Green Kunzite grounds spiritual love. This is a stone that facilitates diagnosis when gently "combed" over the body, showing areas of weakness, coldness, and dis-ease. It supports the thymus and the chest area of the body. To stimulate spiritual insight, it is best placed on the third eye.
Lilac Kunzite
Magickal Properties:
This form of Kunzite is a Celestial Doorway and a symbol of infinity. It facilitates transition for the dying, imparting the knowledge that the departing soul requires, helping it to move over into enlightenment. Lilac Kunzite breaks through the barriers of time inot the infinite.
Yellow Kunzite
Magickal Properties:
This form of Kunzite clears environmental smog and deflects radiation and microwaves from the auric field. It aligns the chakras, restructures DNA, stabilizes the cellular blueprint and the calcium-magnesium balance in the body.