This very high frequency meteorite is a stone of great transformation. It catalyzes change, bringing catharsis, growth and changes. Be aware that if these things are not what you desire, you may wish to find a gentler teacher. Meteorites stimulates connection to the stars and opens the heart to the Universal All. It powerfully stimulates the psychic senses, providing expanded mental vision, It assists in meditation, and in aligning self to Higher Purpose. This stone is especially enhanced by setting it in gold. Meteorites can cause some wearers to feel a bit spacey.

Folk Names:
Aerolith, aerolite
None: Meteroites are associated with the universe
Akasha, Fire
The Great Mother
Associated Stones:
Peridot, Diamond
Protection, astral projection
Magical Uses:
  • Power of intergalactic flight, of movement, of speed, and of energy unhindered by gravity.
  • Place on altar for use in protection spells and rituals.
  • Place beneath pillow to promote conscious astral projection.