Muscovite Mica

Muscovite Mica(s)

Muscovite Mica, which is composed of Potassium Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide Fluoride, is a common phyllosilicate mineral that is a major component of many rock types, including igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary forms. Consequently, it can be found in many parts of the world. It has perfect cleavage, easily forming sheets — while it usually occurs as small flakes, in some places, notably India, Pakistan, Brazil, and certain parts of the United States, it can be found in large transparent pieces. These were once quarried for commercial use in high temperature or high voltage applications, but these days mica has been superseded by synthetic equivalents.

Colour range includes colourless, pink, grey, brown, green, violet, yellow and rose-red, this stone can be used to lessen self doubt. Facilitates looking clearly at past lessons and to the future with optimism. The energy of Muscovite brings quick-thinking, succinct and concise expression of feelings and comfort in exploring emotional pain. It strengthens the intuitive processes and assists in discovering solutions to problems, for yourself or others. Muscovite stimulates the heart chakra and allows layers of insecurities and uncertainties to disperse. It has been used to treat allergies, balance the pancreas, control blood sugar levels, regulate the kidneys and to relieve the mental distress caused by disease.

Chemical Composition:
Potassium Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide Fluoride
Pink, gray, brown, green, violet, yellow, red, white, Silver
Specific Gravity:
Perfect in one direction producing thin sheets or flakes
Crystal Structure:
Transparent to transluscent; monoclinic
Vitreous to pearly
India, Pakistan, Brazil, and many parts of the USA
Pearl-like mica in layers, all sizes
Easily obtained
Mystical Properties:
Muscovite is the commonest form of mica. It is a mystical stone with strong angelic contact, stimulating awareness of the higher self. Used in scrying, this visionary stone links to the highest spiritual realms. Muscovite stimulates the heart chakra, facilitates astral travel and opens the intuition and psychic vision.
Emotional Properties:
Muscovite has the ability to allow recognition of the flaws in humanity, and at the same time stimulates unconditional love and acceptance. It is a reflective stone, mirroring back and allowing you to recognize your projections — the parts of yourself that you do not recognize and therefore see "out there". It helps you to see that the things you do not like in another are really the characteristics you cannot accept in yourself. Muscovite then aids in the integration and transformation of these qualities.
Physical Properties:
Muscovite can be used as a grid to detect earthquakes, as it gently and safely relieves tensions within the earth. It also releases tension within the physical body, and aligns the subtle bodies and meridians with the physical body, bringing about balance.
Psychological Properties:
Muscovite disperses insecurity, self-doubt, and clumsiness. It is useful for those who suffer from dyspraxia and left-right confusion. Muscovite eliminates anger and nervous stress, to bring flexibility at all levels of being. It assists in looking forward joyfully to the future and back to the past to appreciate all the lessons that have been learned. By allowing you too see yourself as others see you, Muscovite aids in changing the image presented to the outside world. It supports during the exploration of painful feelings.
Mental Properties:
Muscovite aids problem solving and stimulates quick wittedness. It facilitates the clear expression of thoughts and feelings. Physically, Muscovite improves your appearance. It imparts sheen to the hair and sparkle to the eyes. It helps the body to achieve it most appropriate weight.
Healing Properties:
Muscovite controls blood sugar, balances pancreatic secretions, alleviates dehydration, and prevents hunger while fasting. It regulates the kidneys. Muscovite relieves insomnia and allergies and heals any conditions resulting from dis-ease or distress.
Carry or hold. Stroke over the skin
Green Muscovite (Fuchsite)
Magical Properties:
This form of Muscovite amplifies the energy of crystals and facilitates their transfer. It moves energy to the lowest point, redressing the balance. It releases blockages caused by excess energy, shifting the energy into positive channels.
Pink Muscovite
Magical Properties:
This is the most effective form of Muscovite for making angelic contact.
Violet Muscovite
Magical Properties:
This form of Muscovite opens the higher crown chakras and facilitates raising consciousness to a very fine vibration.