Stimulating the throat and third eye chakras, sapphire enhances the intellect and expands psychic ability. It brings peace and calm. A guardian of love, it promotes fidelity between lovers, and can strengthen friendship relationships as well. It can be used in wealth magicks and helps the magus to tap and send power. A protective stone, legend has it that sapphire can protect its wearer from capture, as such it is useful in legal matters

Folk Names:
Holy stone, star sapphire: Astrae
Taurus, Libra
Psychism, love, peace, meditation, defensive magick, healing, money, power
Magical Uses:
  • Wear this stone to stimulate the third eye and to increase psychic awareness.
  • Promotes fidelity and feelings between lovers.
  • Worn to banish envy, promote positive social interaction, and to reconcile differences.
  • Was once used to promote chastity.
  • Use this stone during meditation to increase spiritual and psychic awareness as well as wisdom.
  • Wear to return negative energy back to sender.
  • Guards it's wearer from captivity, fraud, and treachery.
  • Worn this stone provides proper justice during litigation.
  • Used to heal the eyes, reduce fevers, and halt nosebleeds.
  • Used to strengthen the magicians ability to transmit or recieve energy.
  • Used in money and wealth attracting spells and rituals.
Divinatory Meaning:
Truth and chastity and the past will catch up with you
Black Sapphire
Magical Property:
This form of Sapphire is protective and centering. It imparts confidence in one's own intuition. This stone heightens employment prospects and helps in retaining a job.
Blue Sapphire
Magical Property:
This form of Sapphire is a seeker of spiritual truth, traditionally associated with love and purity. It is extremely effective for earth and chakra healing. This tranquil stone helps you to stay on the spiritual path and is used in shamanic ceremonies to transmute negative energies. It opens and heals the throat chakra and the thyroid, and facilitates self-expression and speaking your truth.
Green Sapphire
Magical Property:
This form of Sapphire improves vision, both inner and outer, and improves dream recall. It stimulates the heart chakra, bringing loyalty, fidelity, and integrity. This stone enhances compassion and an understanding of the frailties and unique qualities of others. It honors trust and respect for other peoples beleif systems.
Pink Sapphire
Magical Property:
This form of Sapphire acts as a magnet to draw into your life all that you need in order to evolve. It is a fast acting stone that teaches you how to master emotions, clearing emotional blockages and integrating the transmuted energies.
Purple Sapphire
Magical Property:
This form of Sapphire awakens. It is helpful for meditation, stimulating the kundalini rise and the crown chakra and opening spirituality. This stone activates the pineal gland with its like to psychic abilities, and stimulates visionary qualities. It is extremely calming for the emotionally unstable.
Royal Sapphire
Magical Property:
This form of Sapphire eliminates negative energies from the chakras, and stimulates the third eye to access information for growth. This stone teaches responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings. It treats brain disorders, including dyslexia.
Star Sapphire
This form of Sapphire has a five pointed star-shaped formation in its depths. This rare stone draws you into its depths and opens intuition. It brings about centering of your thoughts and aids in anticipating the intentions of other people. It is said to contact extraterrestrial beings.
White Sapphire
Magical Property:
This form of Sapphire has an extremely pure energy. Opening the crown chakra, it takes spiritual awareness to a very high space, opening cosmic consciousness. This is an extremely protective stone that removes obstacles to the spiritual path. It is helpful in accessing your potential and life purpose.
Yellow Sapphire
Magical Property:
This form of Sapphire attracts wealth to the home and can be placed in cash boxes to increase prosperity and earnings. If worn, it should touch the body. Yellow Sapphire stimulates the intellect and improves overall focus so that the bigger picture is seen. As an elixir, it removes toxins from the body.