Tanzanite, which is a blue or purple variety of the mineral zoisite, was only discovered in 1967. It was thought that zoisite only occurred in low grade forms, however, good specimens of Tanzanite have become established as valuable gemstones, and often display pronounced pleochroism. It is named after Tanzania, where it was first found, and to this day the only known locality for it is a single hill at a place called Merelani in the Arusha region of the country. Most of the specimens that come on the market have been heat treated to improve their color, as they are generally a pale green color when first extracted.

Stimulating communication and psychic power, Tanzanite is a stone of High Magick, bringing power of Will to manifest possibility into being. It facilitates vision and communication with the world of spirit, assisting in the making of decisions which are unified with higher realms.

Chemical Composition:
Calcium Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide
Pale green until heat treated then Blue or Purple
6.5 - 7
Specific Gravity:
3.3 -3.4
Perfect in one direction
Uneven to conchoidal
Crystal Structure:
Transparent to opaque; orthorhombic
Vitreous to pearly
White or colorless
Mererani, Tanzania