Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye(s)

Tigers eye is also known as tiger eye. Tigers eye is good for grounding, practicality, optimism, & helps to ease depression. Tigers eye is known as a balancer, balancing the yin-yang energy & can help one to become more aware of human needs. It has been used as a good stone of protection, protecting one's aura from other's anger & negativity, & as a protective amulet for travelers. Tigers eye is also a prosperity stone and relates to the sign of Leo. Tigers Eye has been used in the treatment of eye and throat disorders and also disorders of the reproductive system

Associated Metal:
Money, protection, courage, energy, luck, divination
Magical Uses:
  • Great stone to use to promote wealth or money.
  • Carry this stone for protection against all forms of danger.
  • Worn to strengthen convictions and create courage and confidence.
  • Promotes energy flow through the body when weak or sick.
  • Good for discernment of truth vs lies.
  • Great stone for divination and past-life regression.
Divinatory Meaning:
All is not as it appears to be
Blue Tiger's Eye
Magical Property:
This form of Tiger's Eye is calming and releases stress. It aids the overanxious, quick-tempered, and phobic. In healing Blue Tiger's Eye slows the metabolism, cools an overactive sex drive, and dissolves sexual frustration.
Gold Tiger's Eye
Magical Property:
This form of Tiger's Eye aids in paying attention to detail, warning against complacency. It assists in taking action from a place of reason rather than emotion. Gold Tiger's Eye is and excellent companion for tests and important meetings.
Hawk's Eye Tiger's Eye
Magical Property:
This particular form of Tiger's Eye is an excellent stone for healing the earth's energy and for grounding energy. It stimulates and invigorates the physical body. This stone aids vision and insight, and increases psychic abilities such as claivoyance. It clears and energizes the base chakra
Red Tiger's Eye
Magical Property:
This form of Tiger's Eye is a stimulating stone that overcomes lethargy and provides motivation. In healing it speeds up a slow metabolism and increasesa low sex drive.