11. Justice

     Justice is the 11th card of the Major Arcana, and the 11th step of the journey. A regal lady sits on a throne of stone between two pillars. Here is the Highpriestess (2), having matured. She has a sword raised high in her left hand indicating discipline of the mind and body, and the scales of justice in the right, indicating the balancing of the male and female aspects of self. When she comes into your spread she is there to remind you to "Temper Justice with Mercy".
     To often we find ourselves becoming overly judgemental and not forgiving of ourselves, or others. Justice is a card that is there to remind us that, though we may see that the grass is apparently greener on the other side, or that life sometimes isn't fair, or someone seems to have more than us; that we should also see the potential reasons for same. If someone is earning more, or life seems to be giving them a bed of roses while we get thorny branches, its possible that the reason is they are working to earn it. She also shows up to remind us that every time we point a finger at someone else, for fortune,or criticism we have to remember how many we have pointing back at us. She also says to us Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged Also!"

Keywords for Interpretation
Equity, justice, fairness, reasonableness,  proper balance, rightness, virtue, honor, virginity
Law in all departments, bigotry, bias,  excessive severity, unbalance, treachery, judmentalism, promiscuity

     There is a myriad of symbolisms on this and many of the other cards in both the major and minor arcana. In order to present a comprehensive and easy to use as a reference source set of pages for this and other cards, I will refrain from going into great detail regarding the individual symbols on the cards. On a future date I will go over the more explicit aspects of them. If you have a question regarding a particular symbol you can email me at Tamerin. I would also like to hear from you on some of your interpretations of this particular card or any other that you would like to discuss. Please use above email link.
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