King of Pentacles

King of Cups

     The King of Pentacles is one of the cards of the Minor Arcana, however I have classified it as a Royal because it, like all other Kings, it represents the adult masculine nature of this particular suit. This, like all other kings, represents the Patriarchal or adult self. Depicted on this card is a king sitting on his throne, his robe emblazened with many symbols of fruitfullness;  his hand rests on the symbol of the pentacle. His castle appears in the background. The heads of bulls are shown behind him.
Keywords for Interpretation
This is a black~haired, dark~eyed man, generally married. He may be a chief of industry. He is noted for his intelligence and character. Valor, reliablility, mathematical gifts and success.
Perverse use of talents. Caution against association with gamblers or speculators.
     There is a myriad of symbolisms on this and many of the other cards in both the major and minor arcana. In order to present a comprehensive and easy to use as a reference source set of pages for this and other cards, I will refrain from going into great detail regarding the individual symbols on the cards. On a future date I will go over the more explicit aspects of them. If you have a question regarding a particular symbol you can email me at Tamerin. I would also like to hear from you on some of your interpretations of this particular card or any other that you would like to discuss. Please use above email link.
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