0. The Fool

      The fool is often thought of as either the first card (0) of the Major Arcana, or the last (22). Being it is a card of the Major Arcana, when it shows up in a spread, it is one that should be closely paid attention to. A lot of people are misled by the name this card has. Though it can represent foolish decisions, it also is a card that represents an set of choices, and the attitudes we make when facing choices.
     This card is one that seems to be a paradox in itself, Because it follows to old adages "Look before you leap." or He whom hesitates is lost." To often in our life we are faced with choices, some which we are afraid to make because of the potential consequence of the choice, or some that we jump into without paying attention. When the fool comes up in your spread it's one of these choices that seems to be nagging you, or having an influence on you, and it's time to step back and consider which options are available to you. The choice that you may have to make when he shows up in your spread, depends on the other cards in the spread.

Basic Keywords for Interpretation
Folly, mania, extravagance intoxication, delerium, frenzy, bewrayment.
Negligence, absence, distribution, carelessness, apathy nullity vanity

     There is a myriad of symbolisms on this and many of the other cards in both the major and minor arcana. In order to present a comprehensive and easy to use as a reference source set of pages for this and other cards, I will refrain from going into great detail regarding the individual symbols on the cards. On a future date I will go over the more explicit aspects of them. If you have a question regarding a particular symbol you can email me at Tamerin. I would also like to hear from you on some of your interpretations of this particular card or any other that you would like to discuss. Please use above email link.