17. The Star

     The star is the seventeenth card of the Major Arcana, and the seventeenth step in the journey of live. A nude woman stands by a pool of water pouring water into the pool and also pooring some on the ground she is surrounded by the eight stars, and the tree of life is in the background. This card signifies a return to the basics. Having all your needs met yet still desiring more. It's a card that signifies hopes yet sometimes falsely placed as in the case of her pouring the water inadvertantly on the ground instead of filling the pool. It's a card of good intentions yet one of warning that we shouldn't set our expectations to high. When this card comes into your spread she's there to remind you "Though your head may be in the stars, your feet should be solidly planted on the ground."
     We go through our lives everyday with hopes and dreams, and thoughts of finding ways to better ourselves. But sometimes we reach too highly, or try to make our realities extend far beyond our capabilities or our means. This is a card of hopes and dreams. It's there to tell you that it's okay to have a goal or an ideal, or to hope for a better future. Yet at the same time reminds you that when your hopes are dashed or spilled to the ground there's a reason for it. We have to always remain humble and recognize that we have our needs met on a constant basis and not place too many expectations on ourselves and others, if we wish to avoid disappointment. It's okay to dream but make sure your dreams are grounded in reality. When this card enters your spread it's there to remind you of that point.

Keywords for Interpretation
Loss, theft, privation,  abandonment, hope, bright prospects, destiny, insight
Arrogance, haughtiness, importance,  impotence, false hope, snobbery, vaguery

     There is a myriad of symbolisms on this and many of the other cards in both the major and minor arcana. In order to present a comprehensive and easy to use as a reference source set of pages for this and other cards, I will refrain from going into great detail regarding the individual symbols on the cards. On a future date I will go over the more explicit aspects of them. If you have a question regarding a particular symbol you can email me at Tamerin. I would also like to hear from you on some of your interpretations of this particular card or any other that you would like to discuss. Please use above email link.
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