Tarot and Numerology

The Number 1 Esoteric Meaning: The Message of this number is inspiration or aspiration. It deals whith that which is about to form; take shape; or manifest. It is the "I" of God. Mundane Meaning: Positive qualities: Creation, ideas, beginnings, will, invention, originality, drive, incentive, determination, independence.
Negative Aspects: Willfulness, selfishness, undue force.
In A Reading: Many 1s would indicate that a situation is about to begin, or is in the beginning stages, and some or all of the positive or negative elements mentioned above will be involved.
The Number 2 Esoteric Meaning: The Message of number 2 is to assimilate and envision. It is the intellect directed, and its function is to imagine. It is the cooperator whose success is not gained by force, but by patience. Mundane Meaning: Positive Qualities: Waiting, sharing, balance, receptivity, diplomacy, gentle persuasion, application, agreement, insight.
Negative Aspects: Duality, intolerance, impatience, inbalance.
In A Reading: Many 2s indicate a waiting period where there will be partial success but more to be revealed later. They can also indicate a reconciliation, a reunion, and/or an element of surprise.
The Number 3 Esoteric Meaning: The message of the number 3 is expression. It is the cementing factor of the numbers 1 and 2, and its power is through its word, which goes forth in order to bring into being that which is desired and envisioned. Mundane Meaning: Positive Qualities: Communicating, feeling, enjoying, sharing, self-expression, having fun, playing, love, friendship, popularity.
Negative Aspects: Withholding communication, scattered energies, overreacting, overindulging, criticism.
In A Reading: Many 3s indicate group activities or situations involving more than one person. They can also indicate delay, but with the promise of future success.
The Number 4 Esoteric Meaning: The message of the number 4 is manifestation. It is the result of a well-built foundation and proper application. It is that which comes forth as a result of desire, imagination, and emoting. Mundane Meaning: Positive Qualities: Practical application, formation, foundation, concentration, organization, working, building, planning.
Negative Aspects: Plodding, exacting or dull work, too much attention on the material, limitation, blocks and opposition.
In A Reading: Many 4s indicate fruition or the manifestation of an idea, along with the foundation or "space" where things can grow.
The Number 5 Esoteric Meaning: The message of the number 5 is change, expansion, and re-creation. It also represents the desire to know, which demands that one must look to both the material and the spiritual realm in order to extract the truth. Mundane Meaning: Positive Qualities: Curiosity, spirituality, new thinking, new opportunities, magnetism, attraction, good fortune, travel or adventure.
Negative Aspects: Defeatism, dogmatism, fear of change, misfortune, failure.
In A Reading: Many 5s indicate change, challenge, and fluctuations (lucky or unlucky). They also indicate material prosperity but spiritual poverty, if not properly balanced or understood.
The Number 6 Esoteric Meaning: The message of the number 6 is adjustment. It is the balancing factor that unlocks the mystery of the number 5, as it provides the ability to discern both the higher and the lower, and brings them into harmony. Mundane Meaning: Positive Qualities: Harmony, balance, compassion, service, resposibility, social consciousness, domesticity, love, care, comfort, concern
Negative Aspects: Disharmony, discord, lack of concern or responsibility toward others, too fixed in opinions or beliefs, anxiety, interference.
In A Reading: Many 6s indicate adjustments in thoughts attitudes, or conditions. They also represent the ability to transcend difficulties.
The Number 7 Esoteric Meaning: The message of number 7 is faith—faith in the things that can't be seen, but nevertheless exist. The number 7 must know the ultimate truths, and it is only through experience that its intellectual and spiritual understanding develops, and faith in the unseen is attained. Mundane Meaning: Positive Qualities: Faith, observation, investigation, discrimination, meditation, discovery, knowledge, wisdom, perfection.
Negative Aspects: Fear, faithlessness, pessimism, skepticism, doubt, ignorance, escapism.
In A Reading: Many 7s indicate a period of introspection or solitude. They also indicate unlooked-for advantages or gains through things that come unexpectedly.
The Number 8 Esoteric Meaning: The message of the number 8 is power—power that springs from within and enables one to accomplish that which one sets out to do. Mundane Meaning: Positive Qualities: Capability, (spiritual) fortitude, success, recognition, accomplishment, attainment, enlargement.
Negative Aspects: Abuse of power, overemotionalism, strain, oppression and lack.
In A Reading: Many 8s indicate a positive change of mind or status because the beneficial qualities of the number 8 are rarely diluted, even when some or all of the negative aspects mentioned previously are involved.
The Number 9 Esoteric Meaning: The message of the number 9 is completion. It must complete whatever it has begun because it is the final stage or culmination of all of the preceding cycles and numbers. But contained within its depth also lie the seeds of a new beginning about to take root. Mundane Meaning: Positive Qualities: Fulfillment, selflessness, impersonal love, magnetism, idealism (in its highest form), light bearer or giver of wisdom or inspiration.
Negative Aspects: Personal loss, emotional extremes, having to let go of that which is cherished.
In A Reading: Many 9s in a reading means that situations or events are nearing completion, or have just been completed, and another plateau awaits.