MICHAEL  rules the sun. In ancient myths he is represented by the solar gods such as Helios, Apollo, Ra and Lugh.  In some of the early matriarchal societies the Sun was regarded as feminine, a beleif that survived in the Egyptian pantheon as the Solar/Fire goddess Sekhmet and in celtic myths as the Fire Goddess Bridget. 
     As a personification of the solar energy the Archangel Michael represents the life force.  In all cultures the sun represents the creative principle, whether masculine feminine or both.
     Michael's magical image is of a young man wearing a golden cloak.  His amber colored hair streams back from a strong face and his right hand rests upon the burnished hilt of a golden sword.  The overall impression of this magickal image is one of controlled spiritual power.
     The Archangel Michael can be invoked in all matters associated with career, sports, personal finance, ambition, bureaucracy, officialdom, and the health of the physical body. In common with Raphael he is a healing angel.
GABRIEL  is the archangel of the Moon.  Although the archangels are usually visualized as masculine in gender they are in fact androgynous having the potential of both sexes.  As aspects of the life force they can take on either masculine or feminine characteristics  Gabriel is therefore represented in the old pagan religions by the Moon goddesses such as Diana, Selene, Hathor, Hecate, and Cerwyddn.  There is some evidence of male lunar dieties such as Thoth and Sin.  These Moon gods may have borrowed some of their attributes from earlier Lunar goddesses where partriarchy replaced the prehistoric matriarchal culture. 
     The magical image of Gabriel is a mature man who wears the curved cresent of the waxing Moon on his forehead .  This lunar symbol covers the third eye which is the source of psychic powers.  Gabriel wears a silver cloak which reflects the light as does crystal glass. 
     Gabriel can be invoked for an increase in all things.  Specifically, he has rulership over psychic powers, astral travel, conception, dreams, childbirth, and all matters connected with women , travel by sea, the home and imagination.
RAPHAEL is the planetary ruler of  Mercury.  He was known to the ancient Greeks as Hermes, to the Romans ans Mercuri who was the messenger of the Gods, to the Celts as Ogma, to the Egyptians and Thoth (pronounced Tehuti) and to the Northern Europeans as Odin or Woden.
     The magical image of Raphael is a young man clothed as a pilgrim or traveller.  He wears a yellow cloak, a broad rimmed hat with a feather in it, winged snadals, and carries a staff entwined with two snakes (caduceus), the symbol of the divine healer.    
     Raphael should be invoked in rituals involving healing, communications, travel, young people, education, business contracts, commercial selling, writing and self~expression.  As Hermes is also the god of thieves his aid can be requested to help find stolen goods or lost property. On his highest level Raphael represents the spiritual guide or mentor who helps the person who is just beginning his/her journey on the occult path.
ANAEL is the Archangel of Venus.  He/She is represented by the ancient fertility goddesses such as Aphrodite, Astarte, Isis and Frigga  His pagan male aspect is best represented by Eros whose arrows of desire captivate lovers.
     Anael's magical image is a youth who seems to be neither male or female but combines the beauty of both sexes.  He wears a long green cloak and his long black hair is banded by a ringlet of wild flowers and roses.
     The Archangel Anael can be invoked for all matters to do with romantic love, harmony, friendship, pleasure, marital affairs, music, the arts and poetry.  This angelic force represents nature as the manifestation of the divine material world.  Meditation on this planetary energy can bring the magician in to contact with the green goddess of nature, sometimes known as the Lady of Wild Things.
SAMAEL is the Archangel of Mars.  In pagan times he was associated iwth the gods of war such as Ares, Mars and Tiw.  He represents the destructive aspects of the life force, which when channeled correctly, can be used for constructive purposes.
     The magical image of Samael is a tall man wearing a red cloak.  His hair is held in place by a gold band on which is engraved a pentagram or five pointed star.  His strong hands rest on the hilt of a broadsword whose blade is decorated with runic sigils.
     Samael can be invoked for anything to do with acts of physical courage or machinery.  He grants the ability of manual dexterity, craftsmanship,  and protects against danger from fire and violence.
SACHIEL  is the Archangel of Jupiter. In ancient mythology he was the sky father known as Zeus, Jove, Dagda, Ptah and Thor.  Sachiel represents the masculing phallic power which brings fertility and material abundance.
     The magical image of  Sachiel is a well built older man. He wears a purple cloak decorated with gold coins as depicted in the Minor Arcana of the suit of Tarot Cards.
     The Archangel Sachiel has rulership over all matters relating to material wealth, social eminence, political power, Big business, gambling, important friendships, and all legal and insurance matters  He can be invoked for assistance in all financial matters.
CASSIEL rules Saturn.  In the Ancient religions he is depicted as the god Chronos, Pluto, and Anubis who are all dieties associated with time, the underworld and death.  He is also associated with the Greek goddesses known as the Fates and the Norse goddesses the Norns who are weavers of humanity's destiny.  One of the Cassiel's titles is the Lord of Time and he represents the cosmic force of destiny, wyrd, or fate.
     Cassiel's magickal image is a stern looking man dressed in a long black cloak.  Sometimes he carries a staff and an hourglass to symbolize his rulership over time.
     This archangel can be invoked for all matters concerning property, old people, wills and estates, legacies, karma, death, land, agriculture, and long~standing health ailments connected with old age  In dealing with Cassiel it should be remembered that time is not linear but cyclic.  Death is not the end of the human personality but the transformation to a new state of being.
  When the aspiring magician invokes any of these planetary forces he should remember that they are personifications of the archetypal energies associated with each plant.  These Archetypal energies canbe descriped by their planetary properties