Mission Statement

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To Our Members, and the General Public

The PRC is a non~profit organization as well as a group created to promote religious tolerance, regardless of anyone's religious affiliation

The goal of the PRC/UPCC as an organization is to heed and exceed the expectations of the general public. We have created a community for all to see, members or not. This is a place to learn and understand the different aspects of New Age Religions. Some of these religions are by far older than Christianity. We would also like to make this community an informative one. Our areas of interest, will be based, but not limited, to what our managers know about what they practice. We are not limited, to just the managers' practices, we would like the help out our members as well.

Thank you

The Managers and Asst. Managers of the Pagan's Rights Coalition

Witchtannica Compendium

Click the Above link for the most concise page of information on Paganism, its tools, its practices, and its history that currently exists today. This information, is continually being updated. So please come back frequently.


Lord Mishael