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Sacred Ancestors
Samhain's Revels
Sauna Wight
Self Inside Self
Seven Sacred Shining Ones
Shed, Release
She's Been Waiting
Silver Shining Wheel
Snake Woman
Song to the Secret Name of the Star Goddess
Spell to Banish
Spiral Dance Song
Spirit Boat
Spring God Song
Spring Goddess Song
Spring Strathspey
Step Lightly
Still of the Sun
Stones Forever
Strong and Free
Sun in Splendor
Sun Return
Sure As the Wind
Sweet Summer and Warm Sun

To get the full benefit from the page. Please allow the player to open when you open the chant.
You will not only see the lyrics, but you will also hear how the chant sounds.

NOTE All songs marked with * around them are the same chant as the others with a different way of singing them.

NOTE All songs marked with § around them are different chants with the same name.