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Thank You Mother Earth
The Circle is Open
The Circle Song
The Earth is our Mother
The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water
The God Chant
The Goddess Chant
The Holly and the Ivy
The Holly King
The Lady's Bransle
The Oaken Grace
The Ocean is the Beginning
*The Ocean is the Beginning*
The Rainbow Trail
The River is Flowing
The River is Rolling
The Spirit of the Plants
The Song of the Greenwitch
The Teaching Song
The Wild is Rising
There is a Goddess
13 Trees Chant
Three-fold God Chant
Through the Veil of Night
Touching Her Deep
Two Hands Join

To get the full benefit from the page. Please allow the player to open when you open the chant.
You will not only see the lyrics, but you will also hear how the chant sounds.

NOTE All songs marked with * around them are the same chant as the others with a different way of singing them.

NOTE All songs marked with § around them are different chants with the same name.