~What tree are you?~

Plants and Trees
WILLOW  the tree sacred to the ancient pagan Moon Goddess, possibly because it grows near water.  In country districts the willow has gained an unwarranted sinister image.  Old folklore says that willows pull up their roots and can walk;  they have even been accused of strangling passing travellers with their branches.  These fairy tales may date back to pagan times and the ancient rites performed in honour of the Great Goddess.
OAK  is traditionally the King of the Trees.  It was widely regarded as sacred by the ancient Celts and Nordic peoples who worshipped their gods in oak groves.  Mythologically the oak is the tree of the sky or thunder god and is associated with the symbol of the lightning flash representing invoked magickal energy.
HAWTHORN  is a tree which is also sacred to the Goddess  It featured in the medieval rites of May Day or Beltaine, when people danced around the phallic maypole on the village green  It is considered unlucky to bring hawthorn into the house because, as a tree of the Goddess, it should be used outdoors in rites in her honour.
HAZEL  is the tree of wisdom in Celtic mythology.  Hazelnuts are reputed to be capable of passing divine wisdom from the gods.  It was beleived that anyone who ate from the sacred hazel tree knew instantly the secrets of all sciences and arts.  It was also believed that you could make yourself invisible by making a special wand from hazel wood. The association of the hazel with wisdom is recollected in the old saying "This is it in a nutshell".
ASH  was a tree sacred to the Norse people who regarded it as the cosmic World Tree  It was on this  tree that Odin Hung for nine days and nights to recieve the wisdom of the magickal runes.  The ash tree was used for healing in olden times and it is said the Druids possessed wands made from this wood.
BIRCH   is a symbol of fertility and is another Goddess tree. In folklore birch rods are used to drive out the spirit of the old season at New Year.  It is used to be common practice to beat the mentally ill with birch twigs to allegedly drive out evil spirits  The sacred mushroom with the red cap and white spots which features in many children's fairy tales grows in birch forests.  The mushrom was used by ancient magician's to communicate with the spirit world.
ELDER  is traditionally a tree associated with witches.  It's an old superstition that if a child is placed in a cradle made of elder wood he or she will be stolen by faeries and a changeling left in it's place  Elder twigs we also placed above barn doors by farmers in the old days to ward off witches whom were supposed to ride on Samhain.  All these odd beliefs are connected with the fact that the elder is the tree sacred to the Great Goddess in her aspect of the Old Crone.
YEW  is the last magical tree to be planted in this special garden of magick trees  it's the tree of death which is probably why it's been found planted around country churchyards in great profusion. It's  also known as the Joshua tree and tends to grow wild only in areas where blood has been shed.
Yew is another tree sacred to the Great Goddess's dark aspect whom acts as a guide to her human children when they depart this world into the next.