Acorn~ slow down the aging process

Alder~ fire, resurrection, protection, oracular powers, controlling the four winds, banishing/contolling elementals

Almond~ very sweet natural being, aids in self proteciton, fruitfullness, virginity


Apple~ choice, love spells, divinations, healings, feritlity

Ash~ father of trees, sea power, resident powers in water, guardian spirits reside in, absolution of sickness, karmic laws, magickal potentcy, divination

Beech~ concerned with ancient knowledge, guidance from the past to gain insight


Birch~ agriculture, fertility, birth, healing, protection, lunar workings

Blackthorn~ Indicates strong action of fate or outside influences that must be obeyed

Cedar~ healing, purification, money, protection

Chestnut~ love

Coconut~ protection from negative psychic forces

Cypress~ longevity, healing, comfort, protection

Elder~ witchcraft, banishment, magickal arts, waters of life


Elm~ adds stability, grounding a spell

Fig~ balance

Hawthorn~ purification, enforced chastity, male potency, cleansing

Hazel~ gain knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, inspiration, poetic inspiration

Hickory~ legal matters

Holly~ holiness, consecration, material gain, physical revenge, beauty , spells for sleep, rest, and easing the passage of death

Ivy / Vines~ faerie work, joy, exhilaration, wrath, rebirth, fidelity, constancy, love, intoxication, protection, healing

Larch~ burned to ward off evil spirits, used for protection and to induce visions

Maple~ success and abundance, love, longevity, money

May Apple~ (**Poison**) money

Mistletoe~ love, fertility, sexual potency


Oak~ stamina, lust, fertility, endurance, triumph, strength, power, dominion, prosperity. Wood of sacrifice, the guardian and liverator

Palm~resurrection, the cycle and matirx of life

Peach~ love spells, abundance, fruitfullness, happiness

Pine~ strength, life and immortality, rejuvination, relief of guilt

Rowan~ psychic enhancer, healing magic, divination, astarl work, protection, control of senses from enchantment and beguiling


White Poplar~ hope, rebirth, divinations, shielding, endurance, agility in speech and language, aid in astral projection

Willow~ love healing, fertility rites, moon magic, psychic energy, healing, inspiration. Willow indicates cycles, rhythms, the ebb and flow (femanine)

Yew~ destructive workings concerning death, enhance magickal and psychic abilities, induce visions

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