Balðür, Balðr, Balðer

Also Called:
The Bright One, Shining God, The Bleeding God, Sun God
Known Period of Worship:
Circa (700 C.E. to 1,100 C.E.)
Gold, white
Incense / Oil:
Frankincense, cinnamon
The Sun
Stones / Metals:
Gold, goldstone
Ash, chamomile, celandine, marigold, mistletoe, St. John's Wort
Sowilu, Fehu, Raidho

Balder is the spotless "good" god, the "shining one", Odhinn's favored second son. He lives in a great hall called Breidablick. He is the father of Forseti. According to The Prose Edda, he was made invulnerable to injury or death by his mother Frigg, whom had been promised by "all things" not to harm him. She had ommitted the mistletoe as being too small and insignificant. Using the blind god Hoder as his instrument he was slain by Loki. Loki caused his death by guiding Hoder's hand and turning a sprig of mistletoe into a lethal dart.
It is implied that he will be released from the hands of Hel (caretaker of the underworld) during the final battle of Ragnarok.