Traditionally a symbol of masculine and solar energies, gold draws the light of the Sun into the wearer, bringing vitality and confidence. Its energy is active and mobilizing, helping to turn goal into reality. Use it to invoke wealth, joy and a radiant demeanor. Gold helps others to see the wearer as powerful, attractive and worthy of attention. It helps to stabilize and energize the properties of gemstones.

Gold is a very stable, un-reactive metallic element that occurs naturally in a pure form as nuggets, flakes, wires, and grains. Large pieces are, however, exceptionally rare, and it is more usually found as tiny flakes in river beds or as miniscule flecks on other mineral specimens. It is not only extremely desirable for its material value, but well formed nuggets are also highly sought after by collectors and are worth far more than their direct assay value. Gold's spectacular looks, along with the fact that it does not tarnish and is easy to work, has made it highly prized for the manufacture of religious and ceremonial artifacts as well as for personal adornments since human civilization began. It has a strong metallic luster and a golden yellow streak.

Chemical Composition:
Golden Yellow to White
2.5 - 3
Crystal Structure:
Opaque, isometric/nuggets or grains
Specific Gravity:
California and South Dakota, USA, Siberia, Russia, South Africa, Canada, and others.
Associated Stones:
Quartz Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Olivine, Peridot, Sardonyx, Sunstone, Zircon
Associated Metal:
Lodestone, Pyrite
Power, healing, protection, wisdom, money, success, male sexual dysfunction
Magical Uses:
  • Used to lend energy to rituals.
  • Increases personal power, thus promoting confidence, courage, and will power.
  • Used to gather projective (masculine) herbs.
  • Wear around neck to preserve health.
  • Wearing bands around wrists and ankles helps heal arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Wear habitually to insure long life.
  • Worn as amulets to provide protection.
  • Used in protective and defensive magick.
  • Used to promote wisdom by giving it away.
  • Used in money rituals or to attract wealth.
  • Wear this element to ensure success or in success rituals.
  • Can be helpful in relieving male sexual dysfunction.