Azurite or chessylite is a dark blue gemstone found in the upper oxidized portions of copper deposits. The name "Azurite" comes from the Persian lazhward meaning "blue." Azurite ranges from a dark, greenish blue to a blue-black color, and varies in hardness from Agate to Turquoise. It is often found mixed with Malachite and has the same chemical composition. In time, malachite can replace azurite crystals. As some medieval painters ground it for use in their paintings, some formerly blue skies have now turned green.

Ancient Romans and Egyptians used this stone for greater insight, psychic ability, and hypnotism. According to Native American lore, it may be helpful in contacting and understanding your spirit guides. Like all stones of the copper family, azurite can calm personal stress and relax inner confusion. Like amber, it is a “rubbing stone” in that it likes to be touched in order to release its energies. Placed on the forehead at night, it has been used at night to clarify dreams. It also enhances creative energies and self-confidence.

Azurite, which can be found in a variety of structural forms, is a carbonate mineral that is popular with collectors, jewelers, and artists because of its vivid blue coloration. This comes from its high copper content. It has been used as a base ingredient for dyes and paints from the earliest days of civilization. It is frequently associated with malachite (as can be seen in the image above), and this can lead to rocks that are colored with strong bands of green and blue. It is not an important ore of copper, but good specimens are highly prized for display purposes.

Chemical Composition
Copper Carbonate Cu2(CO3)2(OH)2
Crystal System:
Transparent to Opaque; Monoclinic/Variable
Cell Salt:
Basic copper carbonate
Azure blue to dark blue; glassy and low lustered, to pale blue
3.5 - 4
Good in one direction; moderate in another
Conchoidal and Brittle
Specific Gravity:
Vitreous to Dull
Worldwide, especially USA, Mexico, Namibia, Congo, Morocco, Australia, and Europe.
Folk Names:
Lapis linguis, lapis lingua
Venus; Moon; Jupiter/Pisces
Psychism, dreams, healing, divination
Occult Nature:
Aids in meditation.
Magical Uses:
  • Used to increase psychic powers
  • Place under pillow for psychic dreams
  • Hold this stone when doing divinations for future
  • Also used in healing magick
Stone Lore:
Azurite is commonly found in Arizona
Medicine Uses:
Azurite crystals calm the emotional/auric energy field surrounding the body-earth. Wear azurite against the skin to produce sensations of empathy, compassion, and love.
Deep azure blue specimens are favored for developing psychic abilities through the pituitary center or third eye. Combined with malachite crystals, azurite may be used to soothe extreme anxiety affecting the back portion of the brain. It is thus an excellent alternative treatment for conditions such as anxiety attacks, panic disorder, anorexia, and bulimia.
Azurite with Malachite
Magickal Properties:
This combination of stones has both the qualities of Azurite and of Malachite. It is and extremely powerful conductor of energy that unlocks spiritual vision, strengthens the ability to visualize, and opens the third eye.
Emotional Properties:
On this level it brings deep healing, cleaning ancient blocks, miasms, or thought patterns.
Physical Properties:
This stone is excellent for removing muscle cramps.