This stone relieves stress, replacing it with strength and balance as it eases the heart. Its joyful energy helps the bearer to express themselves and to get things moving in positive direction. Chrysocolla invokes the power of affirmation, which allows us to know what is in our hearts and make it so with our words, prayers and sacred songs.

Chrysocolla, which is composed of Hydrated Copper Silicate, is a vividly colored blue-green mineral that is popular with both collectors and for ornamental purposes. It usually occurs in massive forms — these can be botryoidal or encrustations, but also can be found as small inclusions in associated minerals. These include azurite, cuprite, limonite, malachite, and quartz. It is too soft for most jewelry applications, having a variable hardness that ranges from 2 - 4; it also breaks very easily. There is, however, a quartz based variety known as "Agate-Chrysocolla" — this is much harder and can be used to make valuable pieces of jewelry. This mineral has a variable luster, from dull to vitreous to waxy or earthy.

Chemical Composition:
Hydrated Copper Silicate
2 - 4
Specific Gravity:
2.0 - 2.3
Poor in all directions
Crystal Structure:
Transparent to opaque; Monoclinic or orthorhombic
Cell Salt:
Basic copper silicate
Green, blue-green; brown to black (from impurities in the stone)
Variable from Dull or vitreous to waxy or earthy
White to blue-green
USA, DR Congo, Israel, and England
Earth and Water
Peace, wisdom, love
Magical Uses:
  • Hold in hand to drive off fear and illusions.
  • Promotes peace and soothes the emotions.
  • Wear to grant wisdom and discretion.
  • Used in spells to attract love.
Stone Lore:
Chrysocholla is mined in Mexico, Zaire, Chile, Russia, and the United States.
Medicine Uses:
Chrysocholla works directly on the cells of the body to heal inflammation and disease.
Use chrysocholla to bless the past and forgive old hurts and disappointments. This will release the cells that hold on to sickness, and clear the way for healthy new cells to regenerate the tissue and organs within the body-earth.
Drusy Chrysocolla
Combination Stone:
This stone combines the properties of Chyrsocolla with those of Quartz. This stone has great clarity and works extremely fast.