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Below you will find a list of Goddess and some of the stones that are attributed to them. This list is by no means a complete one. However, as I gain more informations I will be adding to it. So please keep coming back

Stones of the Goddesses

Healing with Stones

Stones will vibrate with various energies, and their colors like all colors tend to reflect and change our moods, and even our lives. So with this fact in mind, I have compiled a listing of various stones and their healing properties. Use these stones as the properties listed, or if a stone indicates something different to you, please feel free to use it as it seems fit. Stones are beautiful, fickle, cooperative, and often quite unique friends to have, and should be given the opportunity to comfort and heal you as they have me.

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Click the two links below for a quick overview of the healing properties and intents of 80 common stones that you may find in your collection.
A-L, M-Z

Many stones are recommended for use in rituals for various purposes. Not all the magical intentions are listed in the link below. However, you will find some of the more common intentions here.
Magickal Intentions

When using stones you may not have all the necessary stones that you can use for a particular purpose. So the link below will give you a listing of stones you can substitute for others. However, these are not necessarily the only substitutions that you can use. Feel free to experiment with what feels comfortable to you



Stones can be used to balance out the centers of energy surrounding your body. The energy field around your body (aura), are levels of various degrees of measureable energy. If you utilize the stones for this purpose, what you are actually doing is taking and allowing the stones natural vibrations to adjust the vibrations of the aura. The link below will give you a list of common stones that you can use, and how they affect the aura.

Crystals and the Aura


Stones and Crystals can be used to stimulate, sedate, revitalize, or balance organs in the body. By placing the stones or crystals on the part of the body which needs adjustment, one will find that the vibratory energies of the stones will provide aid to that particular region. The link below will give you a list of common stones that you can use, and how they affect the various organs and systems of the body.

Stones and Anatomy

"Stones, as everything in our world, have special qualities all their own. Stones and crystals are used for focusing in spell work, healing, dreams, and of course they are beautiful to look at.
Here you will find a listing of several well known and not so popular stones. Though they are wonderful and they are associated with certain properties- NEVER underestimate the rock in your front yard or in the woods along a walk.
If you feel a stone "calling" to you- don't ignore it because its not in a store for sale. It is more powerful when the stone calls you. Treasure it.
Though this is by no means an entirely complete listing of stones, I have gone to great lengths and a lot of research to make this list as complete and concise as possible. By using the links above, not only should you be able to find out what little bit of magick your stone may hold, but also be able to see and possibly even feel inwardly the beauty that is shared with these pieces of natural treasure. If you have an unidentified stone or one you don't see on this list please email me and I will be happy to help look it up for you. If you find that your stone has "Told You" more about itself than what I have in information..Email me with that too.. I will be happy to add your observations.

As with everything in your community. This is for you and anything you have to contribute- please do.
Thank You

Lord Mishael