Astrological Tutorial

Astrological Aspects

Conjunct Opposite Sextile Square Trine

This is an image map tutorial of the aspects of astrology.. By clicking on the various aspects above in the image you will come to understand how the position of the planets within the chart in reference to each other and their houses affects the various aspects of ones personality.

The Signs of the Zodiac

Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra
This Second Image above, is an image map of the various Signs of the Zodiac. By clicking on the above image you will see the basic information about each of the signs and how they affect you. In ancient times man would look to the heavens to see what the stars would tell him. This became what is commonly now called the art of Astrology. If you are curious about the sun sign under which you were born or even perhaps the other signs in your charts where they reflect aspects of your life click on the sign in the link above you may find out a lot about yourself.

The Planets

Earth Moon Mars Jupiter Saturn The Sun Mercury Venus Uranus Neptune Pluto

In Astrology each of the individual signs is ruled by a particular planet. Some of these planets rule several signs. By Clicking the planets in the image above you will be given the opportunity to see the individual effects each planet has on us.

The Houses

11th House 10th House 9th House 8th House 7th House 6th House 5th House 4th House 3rd House 2nd House 1st House 12th House

By Clicking on any of the above signs in this image you will see what houses are ruled by the sign and also how each individual houses traits denotes an aspect our ourselves.

The Lunar Mansions
These are a tool in classical astrology for timing rituals and spells.

Miscellaneous Information About the Inner Planets

Miscellaneous Information About the Outer Planets

Glossary of Astrological Terms

Tables and Ephemeri
For use in the formation, development and interpretation of charts.