Astrological Correspondences
Solar Holidays or Sabbats
Yule: Yuletide, Winter Solstice     December 20th - December 31st
Candlemas Imbolc         February 2nd-February 12th
Lunar Holidays or Esbats
These are the full moon Phases of the months for the year 2002
Wolf Moon                                January   28th - Feb 3rd
Storm Moon                              February  27th - Mar 4th              
Chaste Moon                             March  28th - Apr 3rd
Seed Moon                                April   26th - May 3rd
Hare Moon                                 May   26th - June 1st
Dyad (pair) Moon                       June  24th - July  1st
Mead Moon                               July   24th - July 31st
Wyrt (green plant) Moon            August 22nd - Aug 29th
Barley Moon                              September  21st - Sept 29th
Blood Moon                               October       21st - Oct 27th
Snow Moon                                November  19th - Nov 26th
Oak Moon                                   December  19th - Dec 25th
Blue Moon                                  Variable
The Harvest Moon appears during mabon and this year it's actual occurence is the 21st of September