Powers Of Iron: Protection/Healing/Strength
Associated Deities: Selene
Magick Uses: Pure form is found only in Meteorites. Used for defensive magick to deflect negativity. Iron stops the flow of psychic energy and is used for healing the self when one feels emotional wrought or is under psychic attac,. in this way it deflects negative energy. Iron inscribed with symbolic Mars is worn for protective and defensive magick. Also you can take iron nails and insert them in white or blue candles for protection and defensive magick. A talisman of iron is said to increase physical strength. Envisioning a large iron gate of olde during a protection spell helps to mentally keep negative away.

Associated Stones:
Quartz Crystal, Holey Stones
Associated Metal:
Lodestone, Meteorite
Protection, defensive magick, strength, healing, grounding, return of stolen goods
Magical Uses:
  • Iron-pure projective power, active, seeking, blinding, confusing, guarding.
  • Place in house to protect it and your property from negative energy.
  • Wear during protective and defensive magick and rituals.
  • Insures physical strength and is an excellent talisman for athletes.
  • Place under pillow to scare away diseases and strengthen the body's ability to heal itself.
  • Wear to draw out illness.
  • Pour oil onto a piece of heated iron to cure toothaches.
  • Place items in iron boxes to prevent theft.
  • Wear for grounding, closing down psychic centers, and for impeding the flow of energy from the body.
  • Hang an iron horseshoe over the front door of your house for luck and to prevent negative energy from entering.